In Tenderness and Strength

Energy therapy enables your life energy to flow powerfully. Power animal healing takes it one step beyond and heals you at soul level. You take a step to change.

Energy therapy

When: Fatigue, tension, bad sleep, grinding thoughts, gloominess, pain, fear, anxiety, stress, low resilience and/or negative spiritual experiences.
Result: Recovery, peace, balance, harmony, the life energy flows through, consciousness increases, you are closer to your true self and feel lighter.
Method: Energy therapy, Angels Healing Light, insight drawings
Description: By applying universal life energy, your energy field is healed. Angels Healing Light changes your light patterns. The insight drawing makes the energy visual and supports the healing..
Duration & Frequency: The first session is 90 minutes, follow-up sessions 60 minutes – at least three sessions in a regular frequency.

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Power animal healing

When: Exhaustion, insecurity, stress, feeling overburdened, stuck in patterns, lacking power, fear, trauma.
Result: Energetic, focused, confident, powerful, clear, you know what you want, break through old patterns, you feel calm, light, free and happy, pain and trauma processing, transforming of consciousness.
Method: Energy healing with shamanic techniques, healing stones, Angels Healing Light
Description: Power animal healing is a shamanic dream journey. It heals you on soul level. The Power animal healing heals old wounds, trauma and breaks through repeating life patterns. It is a powerful healing instrument.
Duration & Frequency: approx. 100 minutes – a series of at least three sessions is recommended..

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Call 06 8365 8092 for details (Mon to Fri from 09:00 to 12:00), or use the booking form to schedule a introductory meeting (free) or schedule a healing session.