In Tenderness and Strength

Energy therapy enables your life energy to flow strongly again. Power animal healing takes it one step beyond and heals you on a deep soul level. Your step to a different life.

Energy therapy

When: For fatigue, low resistance, milling thoughts, gloom, insecurity, panic, pain, tensions, neck and back pain, poor sleep, anxiety, turmoil, stress, grief and negative spiritual experiences.
Result: Recovery, tranquillity, balance, harmony, relief, flowing life energy, increased awareness, feeling closer to your true self.
Method: Energy therapy, Angels Healing Light, insight drawings
Description: Through universal energy and Archangels energy, your energy field is healed. Energy is added, blockages are removed and segregated fields are reconnected again. The insights drawing gives you visual insights and makes you conscious.
Duration & Frequency: The first session is 90 minutes, follow-up sessions 60 minutes – a minimum of three sessions in a regular frequency.

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Power animal healing

When: If there is old grief, trauma, repeating life patterns, complex problems.
Result: Pain and trauma processing, grounding, changing life patterns, stronger focus, aware of your power, clarity, tranquillity, movement of consciousness, in closer contact with your true self.
Method: Shamanic dream journey with power animals, Gemstones/minerals/crystals, Angels Healing Light
Description: Power animal healing is a shamanic dream journey. It heals you on soul level. The Power animal healing heals old wounds, trauma and breaks through repeating life patterns. It is a powerful healing instrument.
Duration & Frequency: 1 hour and 40 minutes – multiple sessions are recommended.

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