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Iliana Healing Light

Iliana Healing Light


Energy Healing Therapy Healing for various complaints.You are in balance, your self-healing capacity works better, complaints reduce. #balanced #life-energy #self-healing #backpain #sleepingdisorders #unrest #stress Angel Healing Healing for emotional pain, loneliness, grief, etc. You are...
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Natural principles

Iliana Healing Light is a practice for healing and becoming conscious. Focused on clear consciousness, well-being and health. For healing symptoms, release of emotional pain, trauma, beliefs and patterns. And for new insights, enabling you to choose from the heart.

Life energy

Your personal state indicates the flow of your life energy. Symptoms arise when the flow is stagnant; you suffer pain, fear, sleeplessness, fatigue, stress, gloom, restlessness, etc. In addition, your environment also reflects an energy current: stagnation can be found when there are problems at work, struggles in your relationship, in your household, in the area of living, finances or with your pet. Because everything is energy.


The practice helps your (life) energy flow again. By clearing blockages, transforming energy and restoring empowering relationships. Becoming conscious is an integral part of this, which happens automatically during a treatment, drawing or conversation. The changed energy effects your thinking pattern, emotions, tissues and spirituality. This practice works with light and shadow.

Foundation of the session

You are a ‘sacred being’, through conditioning this connection with yourself has become blurred. Your condition and/or situation will be examined from a strong shamanic point of view, i. e. from the universal laws of nature with you in centre. Besides the energetic aspects, you will receive tips and practical tools as well. So that you are equipped to work after the session, not only energetically, but also practically.


The practice offers the following services for healing and consciousness.

Head and heart

The mind is often in charge, but the heart feels the truth.