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Iliana Healing Light

Iliana Healing Light

like a flowing river

clear and conscious

Energy Healing Therapy

Energy healing therapy effects the subtle energy field. This field is present around you and in every cell. A disturbed energy field leads to complaints, to unbalancing emotions and thoughts. The treatment with energy healing...
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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing helps with trauma and soul wounds. It heals and connects fragments of your soul. Clearing or transforming what was blocking the connection with your soul. The healing shows you the road to your...
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Soul Speak Drawing

The Soul Speak drawing is a message from your soul in the shape of a drawing. It shows your soul’s desire, the expression of your soul. The drawing contains symbols and symbolism. Symbols are an...
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Creating consciousness

Iliana Healing Light is a practice for healing and consciousness. A practice that assists you on your path, whether it is about becoming healthier or becoming reconnected with your true self. Leading you from your mind, in connection to your heart. Because when we become conscious of ourselves by knowing our heart, that is where true healing starts.

The contradictions of life

The life we lead often contradicts with our inner, true nature. For we often live from our head and the body carries out what we think from our brain. In spite of our powerful brain, our body sometimes does not conform. We may feel less energetic or become ill. Problems such as tensity, feeling overwhelmed, pain, fatigue, feeling out of strength, high sensitivity or trouble sleeping are some of the symptoms. In more serious cases we develop a burn-out or a heavy illness.

In our natural state, our immune system is strong and healthy. We have a self-healing ability that is in the best shape when we are in balance, listening to our hearts, listening to our body and aligned with our inner nature.

From head to heart

Energy work brings your body and mind in line with your consciousness. The focus shifts from head to heart and clarity grows. This new balance stimulates the self-healing capacity. Your resistance increases, you feel stronger and you are connected to your true nature. To reach this state, practice Iliana Healing Light offers the following services: