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Iliana Healing Light

Iliana Healing Light

a flowing river

of energy

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing works on a deep soul level. It makes contact with your soul and from here strengthens the connection with you. It cleanses or transforms what stood in the way of the connection. The...
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Angel Rescue Healing

The Angel Rescue Healing brings a quick solution when you don’t feel well. This is a short, remote healing which you receive in the evenings. Ideal, because you can stay at home. It uses the...
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Soul Speak Drawing

The Soul Speak drawing is a message from your soul in the shape of a drawing. It shows your soul’s desire, the expression of your soul. The drawing contains symbols and symbolism. Symbols are an...
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Psychic Medium Reading

It can sometimes help if you get a glance of the future. That you know which choices you have, what will be successful or what is hampering you. A Psychic Medium Reading is a way...
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Iliana’s Healing Light is the practice of Iliana Kudus, offering healing and a growing consciousness. We always view your request for help in connection with your circumstances and with your inner, true nature. Through energy work, the connection with your true nature is restored.

In our natural state, our immune system is strong and healthy. We have a self-healing ability that is in the best shape when we are in balance, listening to our hearts, listening to our body and aligned with our inner nature.

Energy work brings your body and mind in line with your consciousness. Thoughts will calm down, your head becomes empty. The focus shifts from head to heart and clarity grows. This new balance stimulates the self-healing capacity. Your resistance increases, you feel stronger and you are connected to your true nature. To reach this state, practice Iliana’s Healing Light offers the following methods: